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I live in Orange County - Orlando, Florida. I have tried contacting

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I live in Orange County - Orlando, Florida. I have tried contacting my landlord but his line has been disconnected for months. He has not returned any emails. Raccoons found a way into my attic through a hole in the roof and since I couldn't reach the landlord I took the money out of the rent for the repair. 2 weeks after paying the rent (minus the repair) a woman claiming to be his wife contacted me telling me to stay in touch with her. No where in my lease is her name mentioned as a contact or emergency contact. Well, a water line in the front yard broke and the utility company shut my water off and, following my lease agreement, I contacted the landlord but to no prevail. So, I took the repair cost out of my rent again. Now this woman claiming to be his wife is contacting me saying I'm in breach of contract and that I owe her the repair money and saying I am responsible for the water pipe repair. Now I have a water bill of $1,786 (typically its $45) and some woman I do not know after me for money. Am I obligated to pay for the repair? Better yet, am I obligated to work with this woman when she is the only one who notified me of who she is and not the landlord?

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Florida law, unlike many states, does not allow a tenant to withhold rent and pay for repairs. The law, in limited circumstances, does allow for the rent to be withheld until the landlord fixes issues. In order to avail yourself of that option, written notice of the need for repair must be delivered. This is preferably by certified mail as you need to prove delivery occurred. If the process is not followed and rent is withheld or used for repairs, the landlord may be able to evict the tenant for unpaid rent.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, I understand.


What do I do about this woman calling me claiming to be his wife? Her name is XXXXX XXXXX the lease anywhere. He never mentioned a wife in the communications while signing the lease. I never received communication from anyone that she would be taking over. Per Florida Statute 83.50 "In addition to any other disclosure required by law the landlord, or a person authorizaed to enter into a rental agreement on the landlord's behalf, shall disclose in writing to the tenant, at or before the commencement of the tenancy, the hname and address of teh ladnlord or a person authorized to receive notices and demands in the landlord's behalf."


I have received no notifcation of this woman other than her calling me telling me "My name is [woman's name] and I'm taking over for [landlord] as he has been sick since February." No word from the landlord, no change in lease, and I have not met this woman so I have no clue if she is who she says she is.


Am I obligated to continue speaking with her? Or can I tell her I have obligation to speak with her as she is not the landlord per the lease?

Thank you so much for allowing me to assist you.

Please let me know if you need any other assistance. Thank you for leaving me a positive rating and ensuring that I receive credit for assisting you.

Thank you again

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