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Can an HOA be sued for obstructing your ability to sell your

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Can an HOA be sued for obstructing your ability to sell your unit (condo)?

Example: Not letting you have a secured lock box for access to the key and fob for entry into the complex and your unit.

I am a professional here to assist you. I appreciate your use of this service. Is the HOA not allowing you to place a lock box on the unit? Is the HOA otherwise not allowing access? Could you provide a key or pass to a real estate agent who is present at showings?

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

To get to our unit, you need to get through a secured door to the complex that requires a "fob." Since our real estate agent isn't available 24 hours a day to show the unit, we wanted to use have a lockbox in front of the complex to allow other realtors to show the place when our realtor is not available.


The rules and regulations prohibit is from having a lock box by the door of the complex. So, my realtor had the idea of having the lock box on the fence of the neighboring house, but the HOA cut off the lock box.

Hello Eugene,


So long as the neighboring house provides permission, the HOA has no authority to cut off the lock box. That would be criminal arguably and you or the neighbor may file a police complaint. You may also file a civil suit to recover the cost of the lock box. The HOA is under no requirement to allow a lock box on HOA property so there is no recourse as to that opposition. In these situations, the agent must make themselves more available or coordinate with a neighbor who will grant access.


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Thank you

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