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Our condo building is undergoing a major garage renovation.

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Our condo building is undergoing a major garage renovation. Therefore big, many years of special assessment is underway/ongoing. My question is they had imposed 20% of non paying owners in the total cost of Special assessment. For us paying owners, can we find out which is this non paying units and if the assessments goes for 5-6 years, can we be updated of which one is now removed from that list of non paying and therefore give us relief in our cost?

Section 718.111(12) Fla. Stat. requires that the association maintain complete financial records of all receipts and expenditures for at least seven years from the date of the transaction. Any association member is entitled to inspect the records on no more than 5 business days request of the member. If the association fails to produce the records within 10 days, then the requesting member is entitled to a minimum of $50 per day damages for each day of delay -- or actual damages, whichever is greater. A member can bring a damage claim in small claims court without a lawyer.

The association is not required to provide an itemized accounting of your particular inquiry. It would be up to you to take the information and run the numbers, by aggregating transactions to see who is paying more or less in special assessments.

So, it's possible to accomplish your goal, but it may not be as easy as just looking at a list, unless that list is already created by the association, and therefore subject to member inspection.

Hope this helps.
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