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Received a notice of tax lien for Fix it Depot Inc. Can they

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Received a notice of tax lien for Fix it Depot Inc. Can they lien me personally. Fix it Depot has not operated any business for over 4 years, and never had any employees.
If it's for sales, use tax or unpaid employment taxes, then you can be reached as an individual. Otherwise, not.

Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So I am clear of what you answered. They cannot lien my personal bank accounts or personal property? Fix it Depot Inc. had no sales,or

unpaid employment taxes. The amount they say is owed s now $3772.

They said they never received my CorporateDissolution, so they are trying to get 3 years at $500 a year plus interest. Does this amount continue to grow in interest? I just want to be sure they cannot collect from me personally since Fix it Depot closed all bank accounts and paid off all debts Dec 31, 2009. No further business has operated since then.

In order to reach you personally, the attorney general would have to commence a "quo warranto" lawsuit against the corporation and have it declared a sham. Otherwise, there is, at this time, no California law that would permit the BOE or FTB to reach assets beyond those of the corporation itself.

I have never heard of the AG suing to collect taxes on suspended corporations. Could it happen -- yes. Will it happen -- I don't know.

Hope this helps.
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