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Can a property owner prohibit a dog from being on the property

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Can a property owner prohibit a dog from being on the property if the dog is in a car?
Hello and thank you for your question. You can prohibit anyone including animals from being on your private property. Is this your private property?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No - It is the health club I visit and I generally go after I have walked my dog so I don't want to drive home and drop her off before going swimming. It adds 30 mins + gas use to my evening.



Unfortunately, private property owners can make their own rules. Public or government property would not have any restrictions as long as no laws were being broken such as animal neglect.

Are they telling you no dog in the car? My dog went everywhere with me so I understand your frustration.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have been going there for a year and she's been in the car each time. Recently I went in to get water for her bowl and they told me that dogs weren't allowed on the property. Then I joined the club and on the back it said "dogs not allowed, even if in the car". Usually she lies down so is not visible but just holding my breath in case she's sitting up when we drive in and the security people see her (it's next to a hotel, owned by the same person). I drove in last week and saw a security person standing next to a car with people and 2 dogs - he looked like he was doing a drug bust! It's the only indoor pool in the area, otherwise I'd go somewhere else. If I get busted, I can park across the street at the bank but don't want to leave her vulnerable in an empty parking lot. Thanks for understanding my concern / frustration. Just wanted to see if they were able to really enforce it. I don't want to trump up a "Service Dog" thing. That's becoming as bogus as Medical Marijuana these days.

I am sorry to give you a bad news answer. They can really enforce their rule. I

I just wonder how they would enforce the rule, by having the car towed?

Yes, your dog could be a service dog and then no one will say anything. Good luck and keep you and your dog safe.

Thank you for using JA!
Thank you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK - thanks - I think they enforce it by having their security guy stand guard and wait for the owner to come back to the car, leave a nasty note.... or maybe they will take my clothes and force me to drive home in my swimsuit? I don't know.. pretty petty IMHO.

Let's hope they don't take your clothes. Just as long as your dog is safe. They better not harm your dog.

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