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If you have a City Manager who is a major obvious slum lord

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If you have a City Manager who is a major obvious slum lord who is also managing slums pproperties for other slum lords from the City Hall and is at the same time responsible for upholding the ordinances of the city that have to do with slum housing and who is loaning money to city council members to keepthem quiet and is allowing a city council member to work under his vuilders permit because that city coulcil member is too stupid to get a license of his own do you have a malfisence in office situation whereby you can remove that City Manager and perhaps the city council members as well? Thisa City Manager is also running his construction business from the City Hall on the time he is supposed to be running the city where the slum property is digging seriously into the property tax base.

I need good solid answers soon.

Hello there.


Obviously, the things he is doing are a serious conflict of interest with his position and offering bribes and running his business from the offices of the town are illegal activities. But you have to have proof that all of this is happening (evidence, witnesses that will come forward to testify that these things are happening) -- and that is usually the hardest part. It sounds to me like the local authorities are not going to do anything about what is happening and are even condoning it -- and the best course of direction here is to contact the Attorney General's office in Georgia -- the Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer of the state and is the office responsible for reviewing corruption claims and illegal activities in any of the county or city governments.


Please let me know what else I can tell you regarding this situation or if you want to give me some more information and I can give you some further information.




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