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My neighbor and I share a common yard. Even though I had it

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My neighbor and I share a common yard. Even though I had it surveyed and staked, neghbor had put in a clear line of demarcation. They have 9 acres of land but they keep walking sometimes standing right on the line facing our house. Their property line passes near our window and they have placed "Do Not Trespass sign right in ront of our window. We have just moved to the area and we feel harassed from them , can we do anything, can we get a restraining ordre though they have not crossed on our side.

Thanks for your question.

Just to make sure I'm clear about your circumstances, you are saying that the neighbors have placed a "do not trespass" sign on their side of the property line and have demanded that you do not come on their property?

Have they crossed over into your property at all and are the demarcations of the property line that they are insisting on correct?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

They have not crossed over, they often come into the backyard,and walk along the staked imagenary line,walking all the way near our window on their own land. they kind of harrass us with this attitude.Myself, my wife and my son are intimidated. We do not want to react negatively.We had told them do not harass us. My son had told them in a loud voice from our main door so that they could hear. Don't harass my parents,you are being a racist.

We are Afghan-Americans and in that neighborhood we do stand out. Other neighbors are very kind and polite. Neighbor have told us that they are reclusiveand rude,that they do not even put out their garbage...Is there anything we can do? A restraining order will help? \Do we have the right for a restraining order if they are on their side of the line?

PLease reply to my e-mail and also please copy my son [email protected] [email protected]




Thank you for your response. I'm very sorry to hear about this.

Website rules prohibits us from contacting you outside of this forum, so I cannot send you or your son an email directly.

Unfortunately, as long as they do not cross over onto your property, then they are not breaking the law. They are free to put up no trespassing signs on their side of the property. While this may be offensive to you, the law does not make it illegal.

Your best option, in my opinion, is to put up a fence on the property line that blocks them from looking onto your property. Because their is not fence there, they are entitled to walk up to the property line and look at your property (just as you may do for them).

It is likely true that they are racists and are trying to intimidate you through this action. However, there is nothing you can do as far as getting a protective order as long as they are not breaking the law or threatening you physically.

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