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I own two houses, one is in Mentor Ohio which I purchased in

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I own two houses, one is in Mentor Ohio which I purchased in 1976 and the other is in Madison Ohio. Ten years ago I bought the house in Madison and moved in. I was unable to sell my Mentor home so I let my daughter move in. The city of Mentor has codes thay enforce on rental properties. Mentor sent me a notice that I had to have my rental property inspected. I called Mentor and told them that my daughter is living in my Mentor home.
The city of Mentor said to put thst info in an email. I was guilty until I proved to them it wasnt a rental. I wrote the letter and told them it wasn't a rental and I also told them what I thought about the City of Mentor. Two days later the city cited me for grass in my gravel driveway. I asked thru a freedom of information request to find out how many other non rental properties rec'd such notices. The answer provided that there were 8 such citations in 2013 so far.

So I must have upset the city by pointing out that my house in Mentor was not a rental property that they decided to cite me in spite for grass growing in a gravel driveway.
Who do you file a complaint with to complain about this vendictive behavior. I am a 100% disabled 65 year old vietnam veteran if that means anything.
Your e-mails to the Council and law director would be appropriate for complaining. If there is a mayor or city manager, a complaint should be sent there also. It's possible that none of the "higher ups" knows what is going on. The citation should have cited the city ordinance number that you supposedly violated. You can probably pull it up on line and see if it actually mentions the grass situation. If you have to do something about it, you might try Round-Up. It should kill it and keep it from growing back.
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