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what is the official squatting law in hawaii? i just found

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what is the official squatting law in hawaii?
i just found an abandoned beachfront property
that looks condemned
i am a public figure, award winning filmmaker environmentalist
i know i can turn the place around
and that the neighborhood would love me for it

You would have to occupy the property for 20 years before you could claim title by adverse possession. Here is the statute:

§657-31 Twenty years. No person shall commence an action to recover possession of any lands, or make any entry thereon, unless within twenty years after the right to bring the action first accrued.

Someone legally owns the property, and that person would have 20 years to eject you as a squatter. It would be less risky to determine who owns the property and purchase it than to try to claim it by adverse possession.

I hope this information is helpful.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
what are my chances of getting arrested?

please share some legal pointers specific to Hawai'i on what to do as i squat so as to not get arrested

thank you
The squatter is a trespasser until, after 20 full years, he or she suddenly has a claim to legal ownership of the property.

The nature of squatting is that the squatter is always at risk of bring arrested for trespassing, or sued for trepassing and ejectment. I am sorry but there is no way to avoid that risk.
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