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My property is in the country of Trinidad and Tobago. My tenant

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My property is in the country of Trinidad and Tobago. My tenant is not under a lease and rents my house on a month to month basis. In August 2012 I served her a notice which stated that this lease will not be terminated on 30th June 2013. It also stated that if she needed more time to relocate she should of contacted me at least 3 months prior to July 1st 2013 by phone or sending a letter to my address with this request. She failed to do so but contacted me on June 10th and 30th with this request. I refused to grant her the extension as I told he the time for doing so had already elapsed but she is refusing to move. what is my legal recourse

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1. Up until what month has she paid the rent ?



2. Did the tenant pay you a security deposit ?



3. If so, how much did the tenant pay as a security deposit ?




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The last rent she paid was for the month of June, the rent is $3000 Trinidad and Tobago dollars, she paid a deposit of $1500.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX your additional information,


Your recourse would be to file eviction proceedings to regain possession of your property. However, you might be wasting your time and money, if she really does move in July. That is why I asked you if you are holding a security deposit because if worse comes to worse, and she moves out in mid-July, you will have the rent for the half of the month of July. You stated that you will be going to Trinidad and Tobago in July. That might be just the incentive she needs to move out.


What I am saying is that you do have recourse, but you might be spending your money for nothing if she is vacating the property in July before you arrive. And, since we are only dealing in a matter of a few days, it would be better if you waited and if she is gone by the time you arrive, you will not have spent your money for nothing and you will still be holding $1,500 in your hand,





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