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This is a California Real Estate question. Im considering

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This is a California Real Estate question.
I'm considering purchasing a condo for my daughter in Santa Monica. We've found a re-sale unit in a good location and are (were) prepared to put forward an offer to purchase. The listing agent now informs us that the condo can only be leased to section 8 renters.
My daughter wants to be on title and live there. How can this unit be removed from the section 8 regulations so she can make this her permanent residence?


In order remove the subject property from the Section 8 rental market, the owner must provide at least 12-month notice to the tenant, public agencies, and tp any prospective tenants, and then notice again at 6 months prior to the date when the Section 8 tenancy is to end. Govt. Code 65863.10(b)(1)(A),(D),(F)-(I).

So, the listing agent is correct, at least to the extent that the condo cannot be used until 12 months after your purchase.

Hope this helps.
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