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If you live in a property of 10 and they dont want to sign

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If you live in a property of 10 and they don't want to sign it to you and you pay the taxes on it for 11 years or more, can you own it?

Thanks for your question and good evening.You would have the right here to file a suit to quiet title.You would be claiming adverse possession here in Texas under the 10 year rule where you have possessed it and lived in it and paid taxes for this period of time.

You would have court award you legal title to the property based on your adverse possession of it.You will need a local lawyer to file such a suit seeking to be awarded legal title so that you have clear legal ownership.This is the means here in Texas for asserting your legal claim based on adverse possession here.

Here is reference to the Texas law, your claim falls under the 10 year catch all part..



Sec. 16.026 – The Ten-Year Statute

(a) A person must bring suit not later than 10 years after the day the cause of action accrues to recover real property held in peaceable and adverse possession by another who cultivates, uses, or enjoys the property.

(b) Without a title instrument, peaceable and adverse possession is limited in this section to 160 acres, including improvements, unless the number of acres actually enclosed exceeds 160. If the number of enclosed acres exceeds 160 acres, peaceable and adverse possession extends to the real property actually enclosed.

(c) Peaceable possession of real property held under a duly registered deed or other memorandum of title that fixes the boundaries of the possessor's claim extends to the boundaries specified in the instrument.

You can locate a local real estate litigation lawyer here to file your suit to quiet title.

It has been my pleasure to assist you tonght.Please let me know if you have more follow up.Thanks again.

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