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hi spoke with you last night the fire forecloser

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hi spoke with you last night the fire forecloser
Hello. As you can see, you posted the above on JUST ANSWER. This is the only question we show for you. Since we do not speak with our customers directly, you must have been in contact with someone else. If you have a question about foreclosure and wish to post it as a Reply to this message, I'll do my best to assist. If regularly handle foreclosure cases.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i live in california i have been renting a room for three years my landlord lives in the room above mine he is a drinker two weeks ago there was a fire and my landlord passed away upstairs damage bad down stairs the fire didnt reach but it smells like smoke and they had to cut electricity but i could stay here if i had two it would not be easy the exwife of my landlord showed up the next day and told me that the house had been foreclosed two months prior that was the first time i heard about it my landlord never said aword about it so anyways i had payed my rent for the month and i still had fifteen days left and also my landlord had my deposit anyways i went to a motel out of pocket and i dont no who owns the house and when they are going to come and start work and change locks my landlord was a alcaholic and i only seen him when i payed rent and that was month to month my guestion to u is what are my rights and sugestions on what to do i like to get money for keys if thats even possible for relocating its hard because i am trying to rent a room and i have a big dog can i stop them from doing work if i say iam living there

I am sorry, but I don't have very good news or suggestions for you. The landlord is deceased and the property, which is uninhabitable due to fire damage is now owned by a bank, mortgage company or perhaps even a government agency. You can't sue the landlord's ex-wife for the return of your unearned rent and/or security deposit, and you can't collect from the landlord now either. The bank that foreclosed on the home is not legally obligated to pay you anything. But you're doing the right thing by moving on and looking for another place to live. You should get all of your personal belongings out of the house as soon as possible. It will not be long before the bank has everything hauled away if they haven't already. Good luck and we wish you the best. Please enter a favorable rating by clicking on a smiley face so that I can be compensated for this work.

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