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My wife and I live in a very quaint community in far north

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My wife and I live in a very quaint community in far north Dallas..lots of starter families, plenty of little kids..real Beaver Cleaver type neighborhood..something after growing up in the war zone that is south Dallas my wife and I wanted to make sure our daughter could enjoy. Problem is the neighbor directly across street is obviously mentally unstable (bipolar, manic depressive, schizophrenic..something along these lines)

Has managed to threaten all neighbors around her and deputies have been called but until she does something tangibly violent they wont intervene. We all agree that she is a time bomb that will go off anytime and with small children all around odds are they will be in harms way when she does.

My question is this: don't we-the neighbors- have a reasonable right to enjoy our homes without the stress or emotional anguish of wondering while we are at work this person may do harm to our families? She needs help but at this point we would be satisfied if she would just leave. Any insight would be appreciated.
Dear JACUSTOMER - If the police will not act, and they usually will not unless there is an actual crime committed, then your only option is to file a civil suit for nuisance and for loss of the "quiet enjoyment of your property. This would have to be filed in the local county or municipal court as a civil action for damage and for a restraining or protection order to keep this person from having contact with you or your family. The neighbors can join the suit as co-plaintiffs if they wish to do so. You are permitted to file your own suit but it can be complicated and if you can get some of the neighbors to join you and share the cost it would be far better to be represented by counsel. You can sue for both monetary damages and for a civil order of protection. Generally if a suit of this type is filed it will cause the person to changer their habits but if there is a mental problem then I can't guarantee you that this will be successful.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Dear Sir, THANK YOU! for your insight. Wasn't sure if there was any civil legal recourse or not..and glad to hear there is something. Yes, her mental state is going to be a variable here but I think in her moments of clarity IF she realizes her neighbors are frustrated to the point of taking action such as this it may motivate her to seek psychological help and/or "stay on her meds" (since I think she has been treated for this). FYI: this woman believes the TV watches her, there are people living in her attic watching her, her neighbors (us) have "bugged" her house, a neighbor wife is trying to steal her imaginary boyfriend and confronted her about it. She claimed another neighbor tried to steal her boyfriend and she sent her a knife with a note claiming she had stabbed her in the back.

Again, there are delusional & aggressive undertones to all of these..and we are all very tired of wondering what she may do.

Anyone you may recommend to proceed with?

With respect -JD
We are not permitted to recommend private counsel from this website but you can contact the Bar Association for a referral to an attorney in your area. I have included the website below.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
thank you again
No problem and thanks for using our service - Dave
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