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I live in a mother in law apartment. I fell on the property,

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I live in a mother in law apartment. I fell on the property, which was in very poor condition, and sustained a severe injury. Can I file a complaint with my landord's homeowners insurance? I live in Seattle, Washington.

Your landlord's homeowners association is not liable for accidents which occur inside the landlord's separate property. If you fell while in a common area, such as a parking lot or sidewalk, then you could claim against the association's insurance. But, if you are injured inside the apartment, then your claim would be against the landlord and his/her insurer.

Many people believe that they can get a better financial outcome by not hiring a lawyer for a personal injury matter. In my experience, a competent personal injury lawyer can get more from the landlord and/or his/her insurer, than the injured party can get, even after subtracting the lawyer's contingency fees. Consequently, I would strongly encourage you to consult with a personal injury lawyer before you file any claim on your own.

For a competent referral, see this link.

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