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In the State of Georgia, Fulton county. A duplex lots that

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In the State of Georgia, Fulton county. A duplex lots that run between two streets. The lots are currently two separate similar long and narrow lots. If I consolidate those two lots into one lot for the duplex. My question is how this will affect the ownership of the single piece of property as each side of the duplex is sold individually - would a fence work to demarcate individual ownership? and if so, in this scenario does the entire piece of land become common or can it be written such that the owner of the duplex owns the land associated with their unit?

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Q. May I ask, if you are going to eventually sell the lots off separately, why do you want to consolidate them now ? (because it will be a lot of trouble to separate them at a later date, if you plan to do what I think) ,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I want to have the maximum flexibility to be able to sell them separately later on

I am really just asking whether it is best to consolidate the property or keep then separate and go through the SAP process to approve zero lot line.

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If you are going to eventually sell the lots off separately, it would not be wise to consolidate them because if you consolidate them, they will become one lot on the Plat Map and you will only have to separate them when you sell them off separately. At that time, you will be making a lot of unnecessary trouble for yourself and you will be incurring unnecessary legal fees and surveyor's fees to separate them because that is the only way that you will be able to sell them separately.


If your intention is to sell them off separately at some time in the future, save yourself from a lot of headaches and leave them just as they are.


In Answer to your quesiton about the fence, if you consolidate the lots, the fence will will not be a legal demarcation line. You would need a new survey, new drawings, new Application with the municipality to change their Plat, , you would have to file it with the municipality and pay a lot more fees. It's really not a good idea. Just leave them as they are right now, separate lots,



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