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We own a mobile home park in kansas and we hired an attorney

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We own a mobile home park in kansas and we hired an attorney to file eviction on a resident. the resident owns the home and pays lot rent to us. We went to court and we won and the judge gave the resident until sunday to pay or move their mobile home off our property. My attorney seems a little confused on what our next step is if he does not vacate the premises which more than likely he wont. He was saying because he owns the home we cant just remove him from the home. That is how weve done it in the past, the sheriff comes and he must leave the home regardless of who owns it. I wanted to get clarification that this is the case even if they own their own mobile home This is a park in Kansas

-Could you explain your situation a little more?


What County in Kansas is the Park in ?


This will help me better research the laws.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

its in Barton county kansas

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An eviction is more than just removing the tenant from a structure it also prevents the tenant from coming onto the property. The sheriff will escort the tenant off the property, or the tenant will face trespass charges. In other words the tenant cannot return to the mobile home park without committing a trespass after the allotted time expires.


An eviction is effectively a termination of the lease agreement. According to the Kansas Mobile Homes and Parks Resident landlord and Tenant Act 58-25-121


(a) A tenant is considered to have abandoned a mobile home when the tenant has been absent from the mobile home without reasonable explanation for 30 days or more during which time there is a default of rent three days after rent is due or when the rental agreement is terminated pursuant to the provisions of this act. A tenant's return to the mobile home does not change its status as abandoned unless the tenant pays to the landlord all costs incurred for the mobile home space, including costs of removal, storage, notice and utilities due and owing.

You may deal with home pursuant to the rules of an abandoned property within the Kansas Mobile Homes and Parks Resident landlord and Tenant Act.

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