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I just signed a lease that has an addendum for a concession

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I just signed a lease that has an addendum for a concession that says the following"

"you will receive a one time concession off the rent in paragraph 6 of $1,000. This concession will be credited to your rent for the month of March 2013."

However, there is another paragraph stating "The following special provisions control over any conflicting provisions of the addendum or the lease contract: NO CONCESSIONS"

Does the 2nd paragraph void out the $1000 credit? I am super confused by this. Or is it just saying that there are no ADDITIONAL concessions. I also have email from the rental agent acknowledging that we can take the credit in March.
Thank you for your question.

The way I read this - If there are any conflicting provisions in the lease contract or the addendum -- for example, paragraph A says you will get a $1,000 concession, and paragraph B says no concessions will be given to tenants under the lease- then this special provision would control (basically, act to clarify) and no concession would be given.

This doesn't sound to be the case though under the lease - it seems from what you described that it is very clear and there is nothing conflicting in the contract with this provision.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so basically you are saying that the way you read it:


as long as there are no provisions within the lease that conflict with the $1k concession, it will be granted?

Yes, correct.
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