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I was in discussions with a landscaper regarding terracing

Resolved Question:

I was in discussions with a landscaper regarding terracing my back yard and putting in a patio. We had come to a verbal agreement on the work that will be done. No formal contract was signed. Three weeks ago the landscaper came with a semi-haul truck, took portion of my fence down and dumped every tons of rocks. Since then, he will not return my calls, and I am left with 1/2 my backyard that is not useable. What are my options?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Maverick replied 5 years ago.

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Did you pay him any money? Does he operate under a corporation? How much was the total agreed price for the job?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have paid him no money. I'm not sure if he operates under a corporation. I met him at the Home & Garden show in Salt Lake City. The agreed upon amount was $19,000.
Expert:  Maverick replied 5 years ago.

You need to send him a certified mail letter with return receipt requested stating that it has been X number of days since he has left the yard encumbered and that you have not heard back from him despite many attempts to contact him. Further state that if he does not respond to you in writing (in say 5 days) as to his intentions about completing the project as agreed, you will consider his silence to be a repudiation of your contract and that you will hire someone else to either complete the project or remove the stones and bill him for any monetary losses that you incur.

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