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My landlord is selling the property - how much notice does

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My landlord is selling the property - how much notice does she have to give me, the tenant, to leave? She notified me on April 4th that I had to be out this Tuesday, April 19th. (We have been in a 'rent to own' situation, as opposed to a straight rent, and since my husband passed away, I am now unable to make the purchase.) I have lived in this home since 1-09. Just last month, she assured me that I would be able to stay on as a renter while she listed the property. The house is technically uninhabitable (plumbing, appliances, foundation, etc, but I've put up with it because it is farm land and I needed it for my horses (which have now found new homes). I think 30 days notice is more than appropriate - I need to find a new home, arrange for movers, utilities hooked up, etc. What can I do? (ps - I have no money to hire lawyers) Again, I'm happy to leave - I just need time to make it happen!
If you have a written lease without any provision for early termination you are entitled to remain in possession until the end of the lease term as long as you are not in breach. If your lease is month to month tenant under NC law your landlord must give you at least 7 days notice before the end of the month. You can not be forced to leave in the middle of the month.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So - as long as I pay her for this month (April) - when is the soonest that I have to leave? (Even though she has told me to leave by the 19th?)
How can I make sure she won't be sending the sheriffs or ordering me to court?
How should I word my written messages to her?
You can stay until the end of April. No sheriff can evict you without the landlord filing a forcible detainer action in court. If that happened you would merely show that you have paid rent through April 30 and the case would be dismissed.
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