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i am in a negitive amazation loan have ben turn down on monifide

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i am in a negitive amazation loan have ben turn down on monifide loan withchase what can i do.billy davis

Thank you for your question.

Although I am an attorney, I cannot represent you. However, I will give you the most thorough information I am able.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options. You can try to modify the loan, but if you have been turned down for that, then you may consider trying to refinance the home. If this is not an options, and the value of the home is exceed by the amount owing, you may consider requesting the ability to short sell the home. (This is where you get permission from the bank to sell the home for less than is owed.)

Otherwise your options would be to continue to pay on the property under the loan and/or to stop making payments on the property (meaning the bank would eventually foreclose on you).

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