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If you purchase a mobile home that is outdated for need for

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If you purchase a mobile home that is outdated for need for a registration, Is the purchase agreement, that has been witnessed and signed by both parties and notorised signify true ownership? Is the registration proof of ownership?

I would love to help you, but your question is really confusing to me.


So far, it sounds as though you bought a mobile with an expired registeration. Is that correct?


And is it a mobile that "lives" in a mobile home park, or is it a motor vehicle?




I'm looking forward to helping you - I appreciate that you are a return customer and "accepted" answers in the past.


Jane Doe Deer

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am purchasing a mobile home. Owner has only a sales contract to prove ownership. Registration not needed here in New York State for an 1983 home. She was unable to get a title, because owner and all of his heirs died before that happened. I want to know if my puchase will be legal and holding if we sign a sales contract and have it witnessed and notorized? Hope this helps.

Sure, it'll be legal, and it will serve as proof of purchase. You can even take a picture of the signing ceremony, in front of the home.


You can then apply for a lost title. (You didn't tell me whether it's a mobile home or motor home, so I'm guessing here that this applies):



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