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How do you change the name of a church on the deed to the property.

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How do you change the name of a church on the deed to the property. The name of the church was changed to it's current name in 2006. Articles of Incorporation were never filed under the original name. In 2007, articles of incorporation were filed in the current name of the church. The deed to the propoerty has the old church name on it.

What documents need to be filed to make this change to the deed.

Hello. You need to prepare and have signed a quit claim deed from the old owner (the church's old name) to the new owner (the church's current name). A quit claim deed is fine in this situation because the deed is just being used to clear up a name discrepancy and clean up the title -- so you do not need a warranty deed. The old church will be the "Grantor" and the new church will be the "Grantee" -- use the same legal description that is in the deed to the old church name. Here is a link to a website where you can purchase a North Carolina Quit Claim Deed for $ 24.95.

Or, you can view the document (which is in pdf format) but you cannot use the pdf sample because it states "sample" on it -- but, if you go to a legal supply store in your area you may be able to purchase the same deed form for less money. Finally, the format they have here is "corporation to corporation" -- which is the correct format, even if one of the entities is an LLC -- just so long as it is a corporate entity. The point is, any deed forms that are drafted for an individual to sign or receive the deed/property are not the correct forms -- you need the corporation form -- which you might have to revise a bit for your purposes. Then, make sure it is appropriately witnessed (if the doc calls for witnesses) and notarized by a NC notary, and then you can file it with the registry of deeds. For the "amount" of the sale, because the are related entities and you are just doing this to clean up the deed and the title, you can state "for $10.00 and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged".




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