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We are in the process of buying a house and our title company

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We are in the process of buying a house and our title company just informed us that because my husband has a very common name they unable to determine if he is the same person listed on three judgements showing up on that name. They have told us he needs to fax the front and back of his license and social security card to this attorney, Patenaude & Felix. I have researched this firm online and found out they are a debt collection agency and have many posts online about their deceptive and manipulative practices. We are concerned about giving them this sensitive information. They could turn around and say it is him and now they would have his SSN and drivers license number. My question is, is this standard business procedure? This seems incredibly suspicious to us. If we don't close on time on this house, we lose $3,000 so I don't want to walk away but I am so disturbed by this that I might. Can anyone provide any insight?

If this firm is a collection agency and they find someone with the same name as your husband, it is likely that they'll attempt to saddle him with repaying these judgments. However, if it is not him that has these judgments, he should eventually be ok - but he may have to fight attempts by this creditor to collect.


My suggestion is to hire a local attorney to represent you in this closing and have him/her send the requested documentation with a letter outlining that the information cannot be used for any other purpose, that these debts are not your husband's and that the documents are provided with the stipulation that the firm waives it right to attempt to collect from him upon its acceptance of the documents.

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