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This dangerous house should be condemned. Today I saw the

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This dangerous house should be condemned. Today I saw the sloped backyard has changed shapes and the landscaper/contractor told me the yard has a big split down the middle due to the water from the house - all that water is causing pressure and soon the yard will shift and possibly fall to the neighbor's yard which is much lower elevation since it was just excavated. The reason the yard is moving from water pressure? The builders turned a report in to the City of Kalama written by another Russian geologist that states there are underground streams. I suspect the City paid the builders to send the water to the undergroud streams instead of the water treatment facility although i cannot prove this without a confession from the builders. I have placed a hex on the builders and I am hopeful this will have some bearing on their behavior, and I am serious about this - I have placed hexes before and they are effective.
Anyway, how do I get the house condemned? It will never be okay.
You need a structural engineer to inspect it and write a report. If you have a licensed structural engineer stating that the house is unsound, that should to the trick.

You can start by asking the local building inspector to come out and inspect the place. If that does not work, hire your own engineer.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The local building inspector is the one who failed to inspect but i suspect corruption because the city needs to have less water go to the water treatment facility in order to please the EPA and maintain their contract - ruled by salmon issues. The city on the other hand was a dying city until the population increased from a lot of building and this gave the city $550,000 to take out and reinstall two blocks of sidewalk last year and they expect more stimulus package this year.
The City inspector is corrupt. He did not inspect. He wrote on his inspection that he missed the backhoe man so he simply passed the inspection. This is the most ludicrous thing ever - the man at the city in charge of everything else is a huge ego jerk - I bought about $1000 worth of river rock and spent hours placing it on tarp over dirt and weed lot next to our lot and the Ego Man demanded that i remove the rocks since i did not ask him first. I should have but i waited months for them to do something and they so far have lied about everything. The city hates to newcomers but they love the money we bring. Right now we are under a water alert - we cannot use water outside and we might lose our rights to use water at all -
Clearly the City made a deal with the builders who use many aliases and are hard to find and their different LLCs are always closed as soon as they finish a job. They probably got money under the table to send all water to the underground stream and no one realized this would cause an incredible amount of moisture damage.
So you are telling me to get a structural engineer to state this is unsafe? Where do i take that report? Do I take it to the county or the state? Is one structural engineer enough? Are we liable if the yard falls on the neighbors before we can get this done?
Also, who is supposed to pay for tree trimming if the tree is hanging on our side but the tree belongs to someone else? I always wondered about this and finally where are you? It seems the laws in Washington are very poorly written and not at all pro-citizen but instead are pro-corporation. Lots of crooks in this state it seems and I also want to know what we do after the building is condemned. Do we tell the company that holds the mtge that we cannot pay since it is condemned or what? i really don't care because I do not think it will ever be safe - too much water - a river under my daughter's floor FGS - and my chest simply hurts too much to think it would ever be safe here. So what do we do first? The city is out of the question -they are male chauvinists and they are crooks of the highest order.
thank you
If the city diverted water in a way that has made your home uninhabitable you can file an inverse condemnation action and force the city to compensate you for the value of the property taken.

Please tell me what town this is in and I can look for a local law firm who handles this kind of case who can advise you.

Your engineer would have to tell the jury what happened and how, you may also need a hydrologist and/or geologist to make the case. You need to start with a local land use attorney who handles this rather specialized type of case.

You said the downhill neighbor just excavated his yard. He has a duty to provide subjacent support to your land, and if your house slides into his he may be liable to you for failing to provide that support.

Also, who is supposed to pay for tree trimming if the tree is hanging on our side but the tree belongs to someone else? I always wondered about this and finally where are you?
If the trunk is on the line the tree belongs to both neighbors. If not it is treated like an encroachment case; his branches are encroaching into yur property so he is liable for the cost of removing the encroaching branches.

I'm in California.