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I live in an apartment complex. My next door neighbor slams

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I live in an apartment complex. My next door neighbor slams her door so hard it wakes me up like a shot. I have asked management to help with my problem. I have gone to my neighbor peacefully. Management has tried to repair her door. The problem is not with the door, it's with my neighbor slamming the door. After the last complaint to management, the apt manager suggested that he would to with me to my next door neighbor's to make sure things went alright! Well, after I had stated my concerns I went back home thinking that everything was settled only to have the police knock on my door 20 minutes later. The policeman adviced me not to come in contact with my neighbor ever. I am ok with that. Twenty minutes after the officer left, my apt manager said was repairing my neighbor's door. Thirty minutes after that, the door slams began again. How do I legally solve this problem without moving?
The management must ensure that you provided with quiet use and enjoyment of your leasehold. If another renter is constantly disturbing you with this door banging, you need to write a letter of complaint to the management company and tell them that you need to have this tenant stop slamming the door, or they need to evict him. If they do not help you, they could be held legally responsible for a constructive eviction--not a formal one--but where the landlord/management, co. is allowing another to keep disturbing your quiet use and enjoyment--if you have to leave, they could be forced to pay for moving costs and other damages caused by their failure to evict the other tenant or to take proper action.
I would suggest you need to consult withh a local attorney to write you a formal letter telling the management co. your rights and what they could legally be facing.
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Atty Karen
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