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What is the proper attire for a woman and man to wear to mediation

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What is the proper attire for a woman and man to wear to mediation in CA.? Also what is the proper attire for a woman and man to wear to court in CA.?



Have you been told anything by counsel, judge, or other person about your attire?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
My husband and I are going to mediation next week. Before we go shopping would like to know if my husband should wear a suit or shirt and tie or just a nice shirt. Should I wear a suit , dress, pant suit etc.? You are the first person I have asked the question on proper attire. Would like to look as professional as possible without looking over dressed in So. Calif. If we do not get our problem resloved in mediation, then what would the proper attire be for court?   My attorney bill so far is over $60,000. I decided to ask you as it might be cheaper than asking my attorney.



Normally, proper grooming and clean, conservative/traditional clothing that one may wear to a business job, religious services, or a graduation, etc. is appropriate, however, it is also important for people to be comfortable in the clothing they wear (looking uncomfortable may "communicate" a wrong message or heaven knows what). I have found a few sites which discuss this topic: here and here.


Keep in mind that an attorney can have an image or attitude he or she wants to convey or present at either a mediation or a trial which the way his or her clients dress may affect, so it is normally best to ask your attorney about that if there is any question.

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