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In the State of California How many people are you allowed ...

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In the State of California How many people are you allowed to reside with you in your residence and they are not members of your family. My neighbor owns his home but he has renters living with him that consist of a mother with four kids and one has a baby plus the grandmother. Can you allow a family of that size to live with you? The youngest of the four kids is 14, and a son who is sixteen. Is this legal ? It is a three bedroom home.
Good morning! The answer depends on the zoning laws of the city, village or town that you live in. These laws differ from one community to the next. What town do you live in?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Gardena, California

The answer to your question is actually specific to the house you are talking about. Every house has a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) which states how many families can live there legally. If this house has a C of O which states it is a 1-family residence, then it is illegal for your neighbor to rent any part of it to anyone.

You say the house in question is a three bedroom home. If that's the case, and there is only one kitchen in the house, then it can only be a 1-family house, and your neighbor cannot legally take in a tenant.

Contact your Building Department at City Hall at 1700 West 162nd Street, Gardena, California, and advise them of the situation. They will investigate, and if there is an illegal rental going on, they will issue a citation to the owner, who will then have to appear in court.

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