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I want to sell my land in Oklahoma. it was deeded to me in ...

Resolved Question:

I want to sell my land in Oklahoma. it was deeded to me in 2001 by my dad. in the deed he stated he was a married man but did not have his wife sign the deed. i became ill and signed the land (love and compasion) to my companion. My dad has now since passed away and his wife won''t sign a correction deed. What legal process can I take. I am on Social Security and can''t afford an legal assistance.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  CALawyer replied 9 years ago.
The legal process would be to file a law suit to "quiet title" to your portion of the property.

Because these suits are somewhat complex, it is important to hire an attorney to do so.

Without doing this, you could try to sell the property, but it would probably be subject to the wife's claims and title may not be insurable. It probably would not be a good idea to give any form of warranty deed.

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