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I am seeking solution on an Epson Workforce 600. It is out

Customer Question

Hello, I am seeking solution on an Epson Workforce 600. It is out of warranty. The error message is Cannot recognize ink cartridges. I have follow all suggested steps to get printer to recognize...i.e. cleaned cartridges, contact springs, ect. I also put in each one separately just to see if I continued to get the msg. When I put in one at a time, no message after each entry, but after I put in the 4th one, get same msg. These are new cartridges mailed to me from Epson. The ink is coming out of each one, so that couldn't be the problem. I saw on the internet where if Epson (Seiko) loaded a specific update wirelessly on your printer, that's what caused the error. The printer had been in storage for a while, and also, back in 2013, I used edible ink cartridges in it to print out templets for birthday cakes-then that's when Epson presumably sent out software in one of their updates that prevented you from using non-Epson refillables.
Can you help me remove the "Cannot recognize ink cartridges" from my machine?
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Syseng replied 7 months ago.


My name is David.

The issue you describe may be due to an update as you mention however, the printer should still work with new cartridges from Epson even with the update installed. When you cleaned the contacts that read information from the cartridges, what solution did you use to clean them?



Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Hello, I thought I would be getting a solution to my problem. Instead you only stated that my printer "should" still work with new cartridges. Why would I have to pay for an answer like that? I used alcohol to clean pins and contacts. I had received all available updates from Epson. I used the reboot steps listed as a solution that had been listed on Epson's forum page. I used you all because I saw your page endorsements from major media outlets. I guess I was wrong to trust online "ads". What kind of solution do you think you offered me? I thought that you all would have "expert" advice or solution to my problem. Please advise. Thanks.
Expert:  Syseng replied 7 months ago.

I used the word "should" because the issue is not related to updates - the cartridges you are using are new and from Epson. A solution was not offered because more information was needed. Most likely the printer requires deep cleaning rather than only alcohol on the contact pins. I am going to open up this question for other experts to respond.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thank you. I will await your response. On your suggestion that the printer may need cleaning, I will look into that.