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Canon Pixma MG7520—Serial No.: ADPU10669—Purchased Date

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Canon Pixma MG7520—Serial No.: ADPU10669—Purchased Date purchased: Jan. 2015
Support code: C000
I was replacing an empty ink cartridge with a new one, but before pressing it down, I turned around to get a flashlight because it was rather dark under the operation panel. When I turned back to check the new ink tank, it was missing. After looking all over —even the waste basket, just incase—I’ve come to the conclusion that instead of placing the new ink tank in the empty print head slot, I must have dropped the cartridge into the empty space to the right of the print head holder and it got lost there. I eventually put the old ink tank back into the empty slot and tried restarting, but no response. The print head holder does not move to the center position anymore. I do see the BK ink tank showing way to the right where the print head holder is stored.
Is there anything I can do to fix the problem or do I need to bring it to a service repair shop?

Hi there and welcome

Remove the printer, open it and hold it upside down and shake it. There are not too many places it can go so the cartridge should fall out.

Let me know the results please

Richard and other Printers Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Hi Richard,I’m sorry, I didn’t get back to you sooner. Your answer was a great help in informing me that the printer can be treated roughly. I was so surprised when you said to turn it upside down and shake it. My husband did just that two times, but no ink tank showed up.We decided that the missing ink tank was pushed way to the right when the print head holder moved back to its resting position. With that in mind he decided to move manually the print head holder to the left. It worked. When the print head holder moved to its central position, we could see the missing ink tank pushed against the right side of the printer, Using a flash light and a long tweezer, he recovered the ink cartridge and the printer is working again. Now we know a printer can be handled roughly, so thanks,Warm regards,
Mary Tong