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Category: Printers
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Old color laser 3600n just started giving error code 59.FO

Customer Question

Old color laser 3600n just started giving error code 59.FO while starting up. Tried turning it off and on (as recommended by the machine). Removed and reisntalled all cartidges, and the ETB assembly, and still getting the same error.
Is this something simple? Is this beast worth sending out for repair, if necessary?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  databank876 replied 1 year ago.

Hello and good night.

The 59.FO error has a number of possible solutions as it could be more than one section of the printer that is giving trouble. The error definition is "The transfer rollers in the ETB are not engaged." HP offered the following solutions:

(1) Check that the connections on the driver PCA are seated correctly.

(2) Check that the connections on the ETB motor and transfer-roller separation solenoid on the driver PCA are seated correctly.

(3) Check the connections also on the DC controller to make sure they are seated correctly.

(4) Upgrade the DC controller firmware.

(5) Replace the ETB.

(6) Replace the high-voltage power supply PCA.

(7) Replace dc controller.

Those are the solutions as offered by HP. If you are not technically savvy enough to perform any of the above-mentioned solutions, you should get a qualified HP technician to do them for you.