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Dustin, Printer Repair Specialist
Category: Printers
Satisfied Customers: 13535
Experience:  A deep understanding and technical prowess in the finer points of printing and printer repair. Also worked in The US Army as A Network Switching Systems Operator/Controller
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I can't print because of an error message saying there is a

Customer Question

I can't print because of an error message saying there is a paper jam. But I can't find the paper jam. What's happening and how can I fix it?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Dustin replied 1 year ago.

Welcome to, my name is Dustin.
I'm sorry to hear about the issue you are having, I will do my best to help you resolve it.

Lets try the following.. remove all paper from the machine.

now, remove all ink tanks from the machine.. Then, leave the scanner cover raised, and with the ink tanks removed.

Unplug the machine from power, then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. Then plug it back in. When you plug it back in watch the carriage that moves left to right. When it moves, do you see any paper or debris jammed under or around the carriage? If so, remove it. if not, then insert the ink tanks and see if the jammed message is now gone.

Dustin S.

Senior Technician and Network Switching Systems Operator / Maintainer.