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Asriel, Technician
Category: Printers
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Experience:  I have been working with computers for over six years now, I have my own business and contract out with other companies.
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I purchased two 75XlL tri-color a month or two ago. I found

Customer Question

I purchased two 75XlL tri-color a month or two ago. I found the first cartridge I inserted seems to be malfunctioning as on color printing any Hallmark Greeting cards and Blue Mountain printed with wrong colors. It is not my programs that are in error as I've tried several different programs and they all print wrong colors. I inserted another HP cartidge and now this cartridge is printing correctly. I would like a refund on the cartridge that was printing incorrectly.
Barbara Palin
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Asriel replied 1 year ago.
Hello Barbara! Can you tell me where you purchased the cartridge from?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Da Franchised One -*****- Lexington, KY 40511 (sent from)
Expert:  Asriel replied 1 year ago.
It looks like that was purchased through Amazon. Please go here: to initiate the return.