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Re: Our Canon i960 (ink-jet) printer: Canon Support

Customer Question

Re: Our Canon i960 (ink-jet) printer:
Hello, Canon Support personnel,
My husband ran the diagnostics &/or "maintenance" routines for our beloved Canon i960 printer. At least one of our i960's nozzles was blocked, and on learning that there are no more new (or even "New - Old Stock") printer-heads available, my husband searched on-line for forums & discussion threads, and viewed a number of on-line videos, before removing the printer-head & undertaking its cleaning, himself.
Following the most promising advice, and re-viewing the most clearly-presented videos, he diligently worked to clean the printer-head. After the 1st *and* the 2nd cleanings, the diagnostics/maintenance routines didn't even recognize the printer-head. But even though gold is highly resistant to corrosion, my husband came to think that perhaps the gold contacts at the back of the print-head had picked up some residue, & so he tried cleaning the array with the eraser of a BlackWing pencil. Et voila! But while the diagnostics/maintenance routines now recognized the head, it still didn't give good results: The i960 printed pale, pale blocks of the colors (at first the Yellow was almost subliminal!) and the block of Photo-Cyan printing had a missing (horizontal) band of coloration running through it. Worse, the Photo-Magenta was entirely missing in the test printing. My husband tried cleaning the head a 3rd (& perhaps even a 4th) time, but the diagnostics/maintenance results were the same as before: the i960 output pale blocks of colors, with a thin, missing band of coloration through the block of Photo-Cyan printing, and an entirely missing block of Photo-Magenta printing.
We found a re-furbished Canon i960 printer-head on-line from a ".com" that we hadn't heard of before, but they seem to have a decent reputation & a grateful following, and so I ordered the re-furbished part. Alas! The re-furbished i960 part didn't even fare as well as our i960's original printer-head did: On running the diagnostics/maintenance routines, the refurbished printer-head was recognized, but a number (I believe it was 3) of the nozzle heads wouldn't print -- not necessarily the fault of the refurbishers, if they don't have the i960 printer to test the print-head with.
So, what say you?
~ Crying in upstate NY
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Sudipto replied 1 year ago.

I don't know, how will you react on my answer, as you have tried every possible solution to solve the problem. Now, the cause for this problem are as follows. Defective or blocked printhead, defective or low ink cartridges and due to defective logic board, which controls each and every fuction of the printer. Now, as you tried almost every solution to solve the problem and still having the problem, it means the problem is caused due to logic board, it is a very rare case, but it happens sometimes.

Unfortunately the replacement cost of the logic board will be more than the price of a new printer, as the model is outdated. So, it is my personal openion that, you should replace the printer, instead of trying any further to solve the problem.

I am very sorry for this answer, but I cannot provide you anything less than the true facts, which I have gathered from my working experience.