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Michael Hannigan
Michael Hannigan, Technician
Category: Printers
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Experience:  25+ Years Experience Computers, Electronics, and Printers - HP, Canon, Xerox, Ricoh, Lexmark, Oki, Ghestner, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Sharp
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Change the 700 developer. do I need put some info in CE code

Customer Question

change the 700 developer. do I need put some info in CE code
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.

hello. My name is***** can help you with your question.

You haven't included much information on what type of machine you have. You have only referred to it as "the 700". Could you please check the manufacturer and model number and provide that precise information so that I can help you? I don't know yet what manufacturer this printer is from, but you normally do not have to change any codes just to replace developer. Course that's not true across the board and once you provide me with the exact model number then I can give you more specific instructions. Or if you can also include the CE code that is presenting to you – which would be an error code, that may shed some light on the issue as well.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the reply. We have Xerox 700 press. Before my tech always want me to keep the bag for serial # ***** CE modify
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.

Oh... ok... yes.

Remove all drums and place them somewhere dark to protect them. Remove the screws and spring holding the unit it from the front. Add the developer into the housing on both sides where the augers are. Rotate the back gear clockwise while you are adding it in. The new developer should come with a sticker with a # ***** it like 042 or 043 possibly. Make sure you put the sticker on the dev unit for future ref. This # ***** to be entered into MAX SET-UP under ATC sensor set-up.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello, Michael
Cannot see a# ***** the bag. I attach the pic of developer.
Therefore don' know how to input data into ACT sensor sensor
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, Mike
Did not get the reply yet. Did you got my pics. I knew the first answer, but just don't know how to input data into the machine
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.

You are in the right place on the machine. That is the number you have to change for the corresponding cartridge. This number should be a sticker on the bag - the sticker can usually be pealed off and put directly on the cartridge. To input the data - say for the black cartridge - go to black and set the number from 0-99 that matches that sticker.

Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.

BTW... the sticker is usually on the front - the opposite side of that in the picture. It's fairly large. If that isn't there, it should be because you can't really use the developer without it! If that's the case, then I would contact the reseller - you essentially received a defective item.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I got the sticker... Thanks. question: how do I key in to the machine on ACT sensor setup screen.. They only allow to choice # ***** Where I can key in the #Thx again
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.

That's correct. You will only change the number under magenta. The number would be a two digit number. You may have to peel the top sticker to see it.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry. I am too stupid.... I remove the sticker but still no 2 digit # ***** input... Any clue
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.

That's very odd.... I did say 2 digits in error - it would actually be three digits with a leading 0, but I'm sure you would have noticed that if it was there. The box is for black developer and the bag is for magenta. Is this how it came?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That's the box... U want to do both b/ and magenta , so I bring out both boxes, sorry confused u
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.

No. I just wanted to make sure that you weren't sent a refilled cartridge or something.