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Russell H.
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2 printers, 3 comps, on wireless networkprinter A connected

Customer Question

2 printers, 3 comps, on wireless network
printer A connected directly to router
printer B connected to comp 1
comp 1 (win 7) prints to both printers A and B.
2 comps don't print
Comp 2 has XP pro
Comp 3 has win 7
All 3 comps connect to internet via router and that works.
All were working fine til power outage.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Russell H. replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.
Check your router's assignment of IP Addresses to various devices - esp. incl. your printers, and the comp 1 that the printer B is connected to.
When a router is powered Off, then On again, it re-assigns IP addresses through a process known as DHCP.
After the power failure, the assignment of IP Addresses to each computer and printer may be, now, different. In which case, the computer the printer is hooked up to may now have a different IP Address assigned to it, and the printer that is networked, likewise, may have a different IP Address than before, assigned to it.
So the printers won't be found! unless they are re-assigned their proper, workable, printing IP Addresses - preferably, assigned as 'static IP Addresses' or unvarying, human-assigned, IP Addresses.
The difficult part is,
1. do you know how to assign static IP addresses?
2. do you know what the working / workable addresses, for comp 1 and for printer A, used to be?
For (1)... the printer that is networked would need to have a static IP Address assigned to it, through its own settings and via its own control panel, not anything on a computer in other words.
For (2)... the printing software should have in it, an IP Address mentioned, for each printer, or in association with it. (As for the comp 1 -attached printer B, the IP Address of comp 1 is where it would be accessed, and your Network Places on comp 2 should have that IP Address still specified in it. Set comp 1 to that address, and you should have access to printer B again from other computers.
Unless, of course, the router is 'broken' ?? which is more likely, and to be considered, if it is not powered through a surge protector or other power protection device.