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my samsung printer CLXZ-3175 wont stop giving me an error

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my samsung printer CLXZ-3175 won't stop giving me an error message saying "replace toner bin" despite cleaning the old one, emptying it and replacing

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your printer question.


that model uses a photo sensor to see through the unit. If it is clear enough to see through it says its clean. Try cleaning everything around it as well as the bottle. Its possible the sensor has gone bad as well though.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i'd cleaned the unit as well as I could and it is clear-- where is the photo sensor? I'd cleaned what I could inside off as well but can't see where there would be a sensor or a window for one to "look" thru

thanks man

I cant find anything they publish that shows exactly where it is but it shines a light beam through it and it reflects off a strip and bounces back through it.


from what I can see its possible the light gets dimmer as it gets older and you have to get it really clean. Somebody reported that they had to use a coat hanger with a rag on it to clean the inside.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

well-- you are the man-- and dang it now it is giving me a recurrent message saying "paper jam 1". ok i didn't remember before i asked that what had happened was we kept getting this message-- I took everything out and cleaned everything-- then as time lapsed I got back onto project today-- well clearly after your first answer I re-cleaned the bin and it worked great-- only to give me the original message. OK I am ranking you great and if you have any ideas on the paper jam let me know-- not new paper that is different, etc-- maybe just worn out-- thanks again


When it jams does a paper actually jam ? or is it possible that its trying to pull a paper out of the input tray and it isn't making it into the printer which would also give you a paper jam error ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

it makes it 1/2 way-- then gets stuck


That sounds like its most likely hitting something that blocks it.


Take a bright flashlight and look as best you can right at the spot where the front edge of the paper would be when it stops. sometimes even a little bit of paper can get scrunched up and be very hard to see or some other foreign object could be there. Anything that blocks the paper or skews it off to the side or even too high or low if it goes up over something can make it miss the next sensor down and flag a paper jam

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