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Hi Team - I have just installed a 1360 fax machine and downloaded

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Hi Team - I have just installed a 1360 fax machine and downloaded the manual. The fax is plugged into the house line (so there is no seperate line for the fax) - however, every time I try ringing the house on my mobile to test it out (or anybody else trys to ring) it goes straight to fax (the house phone only rings twice and then stops) - whether I have it set on fax only or tel/fax. So I was just wondering if you could give me any ideas how I set it up so that it only goes to the fax - when it is a fax - I do not really need it to be a phone as well, but I do need it to be a fax so that I can receive results from the sport I am involved in as Secretary every weekend. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, many thanks, Paul

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your printer question.


There is no way for the fax to decide if it is a fax before it picks up unless you want to restrict it to using the telephone connected to the fax machine. For the distinctive ring to work you have to set that with your phone company then they can send a distinctive ring to the phone if it is a fax.


What most people do is to set the number of rings greater so they have time to pick up the phone. Or you can set it shorter if you don't get calls on that line and only want it to be a fax machine.


I am not really sure what you want it to do. But having it pick up only when its a fax is not possible without the phone company selling you a service like that. Its like saying I am only going to answer the door if its a friend. You have no idea who it is until you answer the door.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert - what I want it to do is when someone rings the house, the house phone rings and we can answer it. As it is at the moment, when someone rings, the phone rings once and them goes straight to the fax signal. So what you are saying is that I need to set the number of times the phone rings as high as possible before the fax machine cuts in. I guess what I wanted to know is - is there a way to set the machine so that when it is a fax coming in the machine picks it up - and if it is a phone call, the house phone just keeps ringing - or - do I need to have a seperate line (or that distintive ring thing) for this to happen, many thanks, Paul.

You can set the rings higher so that people have a chance to pick up the phone before the fax does. There is no real way to get it to pick up the fax faster if it is a fax other than a separate line or if you add a phone to the jack on the fax and the fax will pick up and only that phone will ring if it is not a fax. I have never actually seen anybody do it that way because its a pain and doesn't do much for you but it was easy for them to add to the fax as a feature.


Usually for a home phone what you do is put the rings up high and use the phone and when somebody wants to send a fax they call and say I am going to send you a fax and then you let it ring through and the fax picks up. If you only get one occasionally that works.


To do that you need to set it to fax/tel and there should be a "ring delay" setting which you want higher.


Another way is to set it to manual fax and it should not pick up unless you answer the headset and hear the fax tones and then hit the start button on the fax

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again Robert - did you just receive another reply from me - my computer went to some "resolution successful" page - but I had just replied to the response above, regards, Paul.

no I did not get anything between my last reply and your post asking if I received another reply
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry about that, no idea what happened - but what I asked was : I went and set the machine to fax only and set the ring delay to 10. Then when I rang from my mobile, the house phone (and fax) rang and without picking it up it went to message bank - which is fine. But my question now is - if someone sends me a fax and I answer the home phone, and then hear the fax signal, will the fax machine still receive the fax - or do I have to hold the phone until the fax machine kicks in - or do I hang up - or will the fax machine recognise the fax earlier and answer it - or will it just keep ringing until the 10 times are up and then kick in ? Sorry about this again, I volunteered to help this group out and I will be receving about 30 faxes every Saturday night - and thought it would be pretty simple, many thanks, Paul.

You would have to hold the phone so it does not disconnect and then walk over to the fax machine and press the start button


It will ring the 10 times before the fax picks up unless you pick up an extension or press the start button on the fax.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Robert, one last question please - when the phone rings (and it is a fax coming in) and no-one is home to answer the call - the phone will go to message bank (which at the moment sounds like it is set for about 7 rings) - will the fax machine still ring the 10 times and receive the fax or will the call be disconnected when the message bank kicks in - or - will the fax machine pick up the fax when message bank starts. Obviously I do not want to have the ring delay on the fax set 1 less than the phone because then if it was a voice call, it would always go to the fax machine before the message bank came on. Thank you for your assistance to date and I hope this message makes sense, kindest regards, Paul.

It will be disconnected when the message bank kicks in. You probably want to set it for 6 rings. That's one of the problems with sharing a phone line. You have a choice which is going to pick up the answering machine or the fax. You cant get both. Or if you would rather the voice mail picks up as you say than you just have to be there to hit start in order to get the fax.


Your other option is a dedicated fax line. Usually its not really that much money to add a line these days.

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