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hi I have a cannon mp800 printer and when i switch it on it

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hi I have a cannon mp800 printer and when i switch it on it shows "error message 5200" I think this is to do with the temperature of the print heads. How long do I have to leave the printer switched off ?

I am also getting "this type of printhead is incompatible" but it was printing correctly earlier today.
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No, this error had nothing to do with the temperature, that is B200. Do you have tried anything else, except switching on and off to solve the problem ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have only tried switching on and off and the error message is 5200

Do you use genuine or refilled cartridges ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thanks Collin for the information, the definition of error code 5200 is not exactly defined by canon, some say it is caused due to high temperature (as you said), some says it is due to defective printhead etc. there are few solutions, which we have to try to detect the exact fault with the printhead. Please try my first solution and let me know, how it goes for you.

1. Turn off the printer .
2. Press the Stop button for 2 second and hold it.
3. Press the On button, hold it and release the Stop button.
4. Press Stop button 5 times then release together, with the On button.
5. LCD display will blank and now reseting.
6. Computer will detect new hardware just ignore it.
7. Turn off the printer then turn it On.


Also remember to remove the cartridges and cleaned the heads after powering it back on.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.



I tried as you suggested but the lcd display never reset, just continued showing the error 5200.

Do you tried exactly what I have tried, because these are very confusing steps, specially from step three..
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

well I thought I did.

In step 2 you say press for 2 seconds and hold it . If I hold it thats more than 2 seconds, did you mean press twice and then hold it ?

That is a confusing step, press the stop button and count 1,2 then press the power button, hold it down and release the stop button.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry but I am still getting the same thing even after holding it down for 2 seconds. When I am pressing the stop button 5 times, the lcd is blank and the green copy light and the orange alarm light flash alternately - if that helps- but then the lcd shows the cannon logo and then the error message

When you are pressing the stop button for 5 time, are you holding down the power button or you are releasing the power button before pressing the stop button or 5 times ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

holding the power button down and then releasing it as I release the stop button after the 5 times.


In the meantime I have managed to access the print cartridges by raising the cover and then turning the power ON - none of the cartridges are flashing and when I put the cover down the display shows it checking the inks and then up comes " the type of print head error"


Do you think it would be best , now I can access the cartridges, to take the old ones out and get some genuine ones to see if they work properly ?

As the resetting process is not working, it will be best to remove and clean the printhead manually, then check the result, if the problem persist, then buy a set genuine cartridges, unfortunately if the problem persist, then you have to replace the printhead, please let me know, if you need the instructions to remove the printhead from the printer. If you know the steps, then remove it and clean it with IP alcohol, then dry it with a soft lint free cloth, reseat the printhead nd cartridges.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok If you could tell me how to remove the printhead manually
, that would be great as the manual doesnt cover that....

Please follow the steps below to remove the printhead from the printer.

  1. Confirm that the printer is powered on and press the <Open> button. (The paper output tray will open.).

  2. Lift the scanning unit (printer cover) completely. (The print head will move to the replacement position.)

    Note: When the scanning unit (printer cover) is opened more than ten minutes, the print head moves to the right side. If this occurs, close the scanning unit (printer cover), and open it again.

  3. Open the inner cover.

  4. Remove the ink tanks by pressing the tab of each tank.

    Caution: Handle the ink tanks with care so that your clothes and surrounding area do not get soiled. Make sure to remove the ink tanks one by one.

  5. Raise the print head lock lever.

  6. Tilt the print head slightly towards the front of the machine and lift out gently.

    Print head nozzles <1> , electrical contacts <2>, or ink supply ports <3>.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks very much for that. As its 11.08pm here in the UK I think I will leave it till the morning.

Thanks very much for your help.


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