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Love my Epson Stylus Pro 3880. I have a MacMini OS 10.6.8,

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Love my Epson Stylus Pro 3880. I have a MacMini OS 10.6.8, Photoshop CS4. I bought a sample pack of Epson Pro Papers and downloaded the ICCprofiles to ColorSync > Profiles in the Library of my Mac. When I was ready to print - (in Color Handling I let Photoshop manage the color) I chose the paper in the Printer Profile (Hot Press Bright) and went to Print > Layout >Printer Settings > to Media type and opened Fine Art Paper… selections were all in gray so I couldn't select the right paper. (Under Matte and the others the selections are black).
I've talked the problem through with 4 different people at two different Samy's Camera (where I bought the 3880) but they couldn't figure out why. James at the Hollywood Samy's suggested I call the Epson in Torrence but it's line is always busy.
Can you help, please….

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your printer question.


reload the printer driver and see let me know if they show up. Have you got any options besides fine art or matte ? Just as a guess I have a feeling the new color profiles screwed up the ones that came with the printer and the printer doesn't understand what they are but probably had a photo paper selection to start with

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert, thanks for helping. I think I've already done what you ask for if that means to delete the printer from my printer menu in system preferences and then reload it. I then shut everything down and then restarted both the printer and the Mac. I tested the 3880 and it printed out a test color for me.


And yes, I can print from a photo paper selection and matte paper.


And I'll be glad to give you a top rating if we can figure out what's happening...

what would be the difference between photo paper and fine art paper ?


And do you know that the Epson printer itself has any setting for "fine art paper" which would make it print differently than it would on photo paper. And is the paper paper you purchased "fine art" or photo paper


what I am thinking is that the Epson can print on matte and it can print on photo. And if the fine art paper is any different than one of them it requires a printer that has a separate setting for it. That it might make some small difference because it is a different paper type, and that somebody wrote some special profiles for it, but you need a fancy printer that is designed to print on it if you want them to actually do anything.

I have looked in the manual and it looks like the only fine art paper that it will have a setting for on the mac is the Epson velvet fine art paper.


It is on page 63 of the manual on this page


you might be having a problem when you let photoshop handle the color although that is the way to do it if you want decent color


if you try to print from another program do you get the fine art option ?

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