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Shefin, Printer and Office Equip. Specialist
Category: Printers
Satisfied Customers: 5297
Experience:  Working as tech support specialist with a worldwide computer manufacturer.
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How to fix Printer MX459 which is in error mode?

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How to fix Printer MX459 that is in an error state?

Hello! Thank you for your question. I am Shefin and I look forward to helping you with your issue today. May I know the error you are getting?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : When I'm hitting to print I'm receiving a message that canon mx 459 in is error state

Shefin : DO you get any error code on your printer?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : Now I see that it's printing with a few minutes delay. No code. Just a message from windows not a printer.

Shefin : It is an all in one printer. RIght?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : Yes

Shefin : Try copying like Xerox, without using the computer.

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : It copies fine.

Shefin : Please turn off the printer, unplug all its cables and wait for two minutes.

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : I plugged it back in and the same message.

Shefin : Are you using Windows 7 as operating system?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : Windows 8

Shefin : Please get into Control panel. Open Printers folder.

Do you see the printer name listed over there with a green check mark?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : Yes- it's canon MX450

Shefin : Do you see green check mark to it?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : Yes

Shefin : Right click on the printer name and select Remove Device/Delete.

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : I clicked on remove, but still it appears as default

Shefin : Okay. Go back to Control panel and select Programs and features.

Uninstall all printer related programs listed over there.

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : ok it's taking a while because there is a lot of them

is it normal it's taking that long?

Shefin : It will take some time but not too long.

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : I removed 5 there is 5 more to go. When I'm trying to speed it up and move to next one it tells me to wait until current program is uninstalled.

Shefin : You are removing only Canon programs. Right?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : yes

Shefin : Is it asking to restart the computer?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : No

Shefin : Okay.

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- :What's next?

Shefin : Please go to the link given below, select Drivers & Software. Choose your operating system (E.g. Windows 8, 64 bit). Then, click and expand Drivers.

Click the file name MX450 series Mini Master Setup (Windows 8/8 x64... that is listed under Drivers. Then you will get an option, I agree - Begin download.

Click the same in order to download the file.

Download and let me when it starts installing it.

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : Started installing

Shefin : When you get prompt to select Connection method, choose Wireless Connection. Click Wireless Connection. Click Connect to the network. Then, under Setup Procedure selection, select Other methods.

Full Size Image

Click Wireless Setup Using the USB cable.

Full Size Image

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : it didn't ask me about connection method

Shefin : You have downloaded MX450 series Mini Master Setup (Windows 8/8 x64... RIght?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : Yes

Shefin : What are the option you get over there?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : It's already done its says it's been installed, but didn't ask me about connection method.

Shefin : Did you get an installation screen?

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : Yes

Shefin : Please get into Control Panel, select printers and check if the printer is listed over there with green check mark.

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : It is

Shefin : Try printing anything.

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- :I think it's working fine

Shefin :I am glad to hear that. Great! Please install other software along with the drivers too.

JACUSTOMER-3jx5ynud- : what do you mean other software?

Shefin : When you go to the link I have given, there is some software under Software like MP Navigator.

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