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Hi - I just purchased an Epson WF7510 printer, and it doesnt

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Hi - I just purchased an Epson WF7510 printer, and it doesn't seem to accept the settings from Quickbooks to align a printed check properly. I have tried adjusting the fonts, and it makes no difference. The printer is dropping the check information down 2-3 lines, so it prints below where it should be on the check. I have no idea if there is a setting I can change on the printer (like margins?) to permanantly correct this. Every time I print a check I get a message that the printer does not support the full range of fonts, and then it prints incorrectly.

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your printer question.


what is the exact message that you get ?


what type of check are you using ? QuickBooks will support just about any printer but it only supports certain check types.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the quick reply - I am getting the message something like:

Your printer does not support the full range of fonts

Please check your printer manual to find the fonts that are supported.


I have looked and there isn't anything I can find in the manual. Changing fonts does nothing to move the lines of type up where they belong.

Actually, if we could just take out 2-3 lines above the type, it would be perfect. is there perhaps a top margin setting that is off?

that is quite possible you can set that in the printer driver by right clicking on the printer in the printers and faxes folder and selecting printer properties.


You might also be able to get there from quickbooks at print time by hitting more options after you tell it to print and before you actually hit the go ahead print button


If that does not work please let me know so I can look up the error. It sounds familiar and it might be one of those things where its a known issue that doesn't really have anything to do with the printer,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

HI Robert,

I went into the printer settings as you suggested, and checked "Borderless" option, since it seems like a top margin problem. That did it - the print is now on the correct lines on the check. However, it is now printing absurdly slow! Does it think its printing a photo? Should I change another setting to make it understand it is printing a paper check?


That is sometimes a problem with intuit products


You can change it to draft mode and it might help


just rebooting the printer and computer both might also help

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Will do - can you clarify draft mode?

It is usually a setting where it gives lower quality at a faster speed. On some of the Epson workforce printers there is actually a button on the printer that will switch it.


It should also be in the print driver or print options somewhere. If you cant find draft and its a photo printer it might just be non photo printing or basically just uncheck the photo quality button.

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