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Printer Doctor
Printer Doctor, Sr. Printer Technician
Category: Printers
Satisfied Customers: 390
Experience:  10,000+ hrs direct troubleshoot, repair and rebuilding hp, Lexmark/Dell inkjet and laser printers
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" problems: 1 Cyan print is stripey - changed the cartridge,

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" problems: 1 Cyan print is stripey - changed the cartridge, carried out clean & deep clean which have not resoplved problem.
2. Repeated "printhead error" messages - can correct simply by touching the print head but keeps recurring.

Printer Doctor :

Hi there. The Printer Doctor is in and ready to help you! Please answer all my questions about your problem so that I can give my best diagnosis.

Printer Doctor :

Please reply with the model number of your lexmark printer.

Printer Doctor :

Sorry...I see it now. Please stannd by a few...

Printer Doctor :

Still searching. Please wait..

Printer Doctor :

Sorry for the long wait. I do now have the instructions for your problem. You will likely need to re-set or replace the printhead.. I will paste the steps to follow below:

Printer Doctor :


Unsupported Printhead; Printhead Unsupported; Printhead is not supported by all in one; Printhead Error


An intermittent "Printhead error" message is displayed on the printer; There is a problem with the printhead; Printhead problem; Printhead Error



If you are having print quality issues or are experiencing printhead error messages, you may have been impacted from a printhead issue affecting a limited number of Lexmark devices.


You may encounter the following error messages on your S or Pro Series printer:

  • "Unsupported Printhead"

  • "Printhead problem"

  • "There is a problem with the printhead"

  • "Printhead error"


Follow the steps in the two troubleshooting guides below.


First Option -- Clean the Printhead


  • Please read these steps thoroughly first, then perform the steps.


  1. Go to "Replace Printhead" in the menu on the printer.

    For touchscreen models:

    1. Touch Ink Level Icons (lower right corner).

    2. Press 'More Options".

    3. Scroll menu down to "Replace Printhead".

    For all other models:

    1. Press Wrench (tools) button.

    2. Scroll to "Maintaince Menu".

    3. Check "OK"

    4. Scroll to "Replace Printhead".

    5. Check "OK"

  2. Lift the latch. (note: your printer may not look exactly like the image below, but the printhead removal steps should be similar)

    Lift the Latch
    Full Size Image

  3. Lift the printhead out of the printer carrier.
    Lift the Latch
    Full Size Image

  4. Clean the contacts on the printhead carrier. This is the frame (and associated contacts) within the printer itself from which you just removed the printhead.

  5. Wipe the contacts on the rear of the Printhead.
    IMPORTANT: Be careful not to touch the ink nozzles and especially DO NOT WIPE them.
    Lift the Latch
    Full Size Image

  6. Firmly re-insert the Printhead.
    NOTE: Make sure you press down and back on the Printhead after you have latched it in to make certain that it is tight.

  7. Lower the latch and close the cover.

Second Option

  • Update Firmware if not 11-25-10 or greater.

  1. Go to this page for further information.


Printer Doctor :

Please rate my service positive with a smiley-face so I will be credited for assisting you today. HAPPY PRINTING from the Printer Doctor!


Taken several attempts, including firmware update - alignment successful but printing documents still unsatisfactory. Magenta colour now faulty. This printer is still on warranty - how do I get it fixed?

Okay. You need to contact Lexmark Custer Service for a free repair or replacement. Here are all the contact numbers:


UK Head Office
Lexmark International Ltd
Highfield House,XXXXX Maidenhead, SL6 3UD

Contact numbers
0845(NNN) NNN-NNNN/strong> - Main Tel. number
0845(NNN) NNN-NNNN/strong> - Main Fax number
0845(NNN) NNN-NNNN/strong> - Alternate fax number

For online shop support or order queries call 0808-234-0196

For Inkjet & All In One Inkjet Technical Support call 0207-365-2496

I have given you all the steps that there are for isolating and attempting to correct your problem. Most likely the printhead is either faulty or clogged beyond remedy. I also gave you the contact information for Lexmark, since you later stated that your printer is still under warranty.

So, I have done all that you asked and all that can be done here--hence I serviced you as well as can be done. Accordingly, please re-rate me Positive for service and my time.
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