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How to get the hinge on the Lexmark x7675 back into position

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How to get the hinge on the Lexmark x7675 back into position - it has popped out?
Hi there. The Printer Doctor is in and ready to help you!

See if this helps:

The lever arm of cover sensor has fallen off. With the scanner part taken off the top, and the grayish plastic bit unscrewed and popped off, there is a white nylon lever arm that should be seen sticking up thru a rectangular hole...roughly about 1/2" to the right of the printhead behind it.

This lever arm clips onto a microswitch/sensor (the lid switch). Just pop the white nylon bit back on and presto, it's fixed. You may have to rig something to reach the lever are if it is way deep down in the bowels of the printer, but it is doable if you (or someone you know) is handy.

This sensor is mounted on the circuit board about midway across, and you can see it if you look straight down, through the hole in the black plastic shrouding that covers the circuit board.

Alternatively, it might be possible to snap the part back on without partial disassembly, or simply shove something in there to hold the sensor in the 'closed' position.
Printer Doctor and other Printers Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thank you for your response. To begin, how do I take off the scanner part? There are two black plastic parts sticking into the plate glass piece and I don't know how to release them to remove the scanner part.... Thanks in advance.
I understand. Unfortunately, there are no service/disassembly diagrams provided for inkjet printers as there are for laser printers. This is because most technicians do not work on them due to unavailability of replacement parts. Usually, the cost of repair in inkjets is as high or higher than just buting a new printer.

My best advice is to find someone who is handy to assist you. You will need to just carefully look and remove what appears to be the right sequence of screws and latches to get the scanner off. It will be easier with another set of eyes than my trying to verbally walk you through it here online. I will try yo see if I can access a diagram, and will come back with details if I am successful.
Printer Doctor and other Printers Specialists are ready to help you

Okay. No diagrams available. However, carefully follow my instructions below and you should be fine with the disassembly. Then, follow the instructions I gave you earlier in the first post:

1. Remove paper tray feed support by carefully prying on left and right hinges. Be careful not to break plastic hinges!

2. Remove the cover over the connectors that feed power and data to the scanner. This cover is on the top RH side of the machine (when facing it in the usual manner). The cover is removed by pressing FIRMLY down on the flat area on the top of the cover and hinging it back about 1/8 inch. It can then be lifted out. (On reassembly, note the two very small molded tits on the piece you removed. It is obvious where they will go.)

3. Remove the flat ribbon cable by pulling it straight back out of the socket . Then remove the small 4 pin plug by pulling it up from the socket. The socket is not captive in the chassis below although it appears to be. These are the ONLY items connected to the scanner assembly.

4. Removing the scanner assy is tricky. If you're not VERY careful, you will break the hinges. The hinges MUST be removed to allow further disassembly of the machine. If you look at the side of either hinge, there are TWO pieces that protrude down into the slots below. The FRONT plastic piece has two "fingers" that go down through the slot. The FRONT MOST piece of the finger has only a guide on it and will not catch on the slot. HOWEVER, there is a second part that is just slightly (1/4 inch) behind it that has a catch that limits how far up the scanner/cover will hinge. It order to release this catch, you must press firmly on this part in an INWARD direction (ie: toward the center of the machine). If you do this carefully, you can release the catch and hinge the top of the unit up and OFF. WHEN YOU DO SO, MAKE A MENTAL NOTE OF EXACTLY HOW THE BACK PART OF THAT HINGE FITS TOGETHER. YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW THAT ON REASSEMBLY!

Set the scanner assy. aside.

The top cover/case of the machine cover is now totally accessible.

Remove the two black philips head screws under each hinge and then turn the unit over.

Remove the two similar screws from the front bottom of the unit.

Press the small plastic catches adjacent to the holes from which you just removed the screws and the top case cover will lift off. (You might have to coax a few catches around the bottom to free it completely.)

When you remove the top cover, be careful of the ribbon cable and the small connector.

If you want to remove the paper catch tray, pull it all the was out and then press down on the middle of it to release it.

You now have good access to the machine for cleaning.

If you think you are competent to go further:

There is a plastic assembly at the front of the machine that holds four
serrated metal rollers. It can be removed by releasing the catch at the lefthand end and sliding it to the left. The four rubber rollers on the shaft underneath probably don't have to be removed. Cleaning is easy at this point.

The remaining chassis can now be removed by removing 5 black screws. (The fifth one that you can't find is hiding under the ink cartridge carrier. (Slide it to the side and there it is !!!)

From here, you can get at anything that needs attention.

Note on re-assembly:

Just be careful and DON'T FORCE ANYTHING ! If you watched what you were doing during disassembly you should have no problem. Be especially careful not to damage or twist the long plastic optical encoder strip behind the ink cartridges.

Printer Doctor and other Printers Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your answer. I took it to Staples today and they said that the plastic hinge part is broken and not replaceable. So I will buy a new printer.
I will rate you now. Best regards Elizabeth
Thank you! Best in using your new printer.