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I am getting an unable to clean76 error with my MFC-J6510DW.

Customer Question

I am getting an 'unable to clean76' error with my MFC-J6510DW. Have checked for paper scraps .. none!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Robert Preston replied 5 years ago.
Description of Solution 200000030113

The message Unable to Clean (followed by a two character code) will appear on the display for one of the following reasons:

1. Foreign object, such as a paper clip or ripped piece of paper, stuck in the machine

2. Mechanical malfunction


1. Raise the scanner cover (1) and look inside the machine for any jammed paper or foreign objects. Remove any objects or paper found.

NOTE: Pay careful attention to the right and left corners. Also, pieces of paper may be jammed under the print head.

NOTE: Representative model shown, your machine may be different.

-If the print head is locked to the right side of the machine, press and hold the STOP/EXIT key for 5 seconds. This will cause the print head to move automatically to the middle of the machine and allow you to look for debris in the right corner.

2. Leave the scanner OPEN and turn the machine around so you are looking at the back of the machine.

3. Open the Jam Clear Cover (1) and look inside the machine for paper.

4. Remove any jammed paper found.

5. Close the Jam Clear Cover (1) and turn the machine back around to the front.

6. Gently close the scanner cover and verify the error message cleared from the display.

-If the error message is still on the LCD, continue to STEP 7.

-If the error message is cleared, continue to STEP 8.


7. Unplug the machine from the power outlet for 2 seconds and plug it back in to cycle the power.

-If the error message is still on the LCD, continue to STEP 9.

-If the error message is cleared, continue to STEP 8.


Note: After a paper jam has been cleared, the Brother machine may complete a 2 minute cleaning cycle to remove paper dust from the nozzles before printing.

8. Print a Print Quality Check Sheet (PQCS) to test the machine:

a. Press MENU.

b. Press OK to select Ink.

c. Press OK to select Test Print.

d. Press OK to select Print Quality.


-If the PQCS successfully prints, the issue is resolved.

-If the PQCS does not print because an error message reappeared AND you have NOT cycled the power, go back to STEP 7.

-If the PQCS does not print because an error message reappeared AND you HAVE cycled the power, continue to STEP 9.

9. Your machine may require service. Any faxes received while the error message is on the display will automatically go into the machine's memory due to the product's inability to print. If there are faxes in memory, you can transfer them to another fax machine so they are not lost.

-If you do not want to transfer faxes, go to WARRANTY AND SERVICE OPTIONS.

-If you want to confirm and transfer received faxes in memory, follow the procedure below:


Note: In order to transfer data from your fax machine to another fax machine, you must have already programmed your Station ID in your Brother machine prior to getting the error message on the LCD. If you did not already have your Station ID programmed into the machine before getting the error, you will not be able to transfer faxes in memory. Continue to Warranty and Service Options.

  1. Press STOP/EXIT to interrupt the error temporarily.

  1. Press MENU.

  1. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to choose Service.

  1. Press OK.

  1. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to choose Data Transfer.

  1. Press OK.

  1. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to choose Fax Transfer.

  1. Press OK.

-If the message "No Data" appears on the LCD, there are NO faxes in memory press STOP/EXIT and continue to WARRANTY AND SERVICE OPTIONS.

-If the LCD prompts you to enter a fax number, there ARE faxes in memory. If you want to transfer the faxes to another fax machine, enter the appropriate fax number to receive the faxes and continue to STEP i.

  1. Press BLACK START and continue to WARRANTY AND SERVICE OPTIONS listed below.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Tried all of the steps given but no joy. Now getting unable to print76 as before. Told to clear paper jam by opening back cover but there is no visible paper anywhere in the machine. Tried using torch but nothing seen.
Anybody looking at this problem????
Expert:  Shefin replied 5 years ago.



Welcome to Justanswer. My name is Shefin and I am glad to assist you.


If you get an error message says Unable to print 76, either the machine has a mechanical problem or a foreign object such as a paper clip or ripped paper is in the machine. I would suggest you check for paperjam using the instructions in the link below.


If the issue persists, turn off the printer, remove the ink tanks and unplug all its cables. Then, wait for two minutes. After doing the same, reinsert the cartridges, cables and try printing anything.





If the response was helpful, please RATE my answer with 3-5 STARS OR a Smiley face!

If the issue persists, or you need further information, please let me know via the REPLY or CONTINUE CONVERSATION button. I will be happy to continue further and do everything I can to provide you with the service you seek.

Thank you.



Expert:  Freddy M. replied 5 years ago.
Hello my name is Freddy. I look forward to assisting you today with your question and providing the best answer possible. Can you please let me know what happened when you tried Robert adn Shefin's answers?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I found it absolutely useless to receive a copy of the printer manual pages which I already have myself. Hardly worthwhile for $34