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Colin Vincent
Colin Vincent, Engineer
Category: Printers
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Experience:  City of Guilds 224, Kyocera, IBM, Novell certifications. 24 years IT experience.
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I have an Epson C66 printer. Both red lights are flashing,

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I have an Epson C66 printer. Both red lights are flashing, I have purchased a cd to repair but I have no instructions and do not understand what I have to do. Can you help please?

Colin Vincent :

Hi there my name is Colin.

From your description it sounds like your printer has reached the trigger level for the waste ink absorbers. The absorber is a large felt type pad which runs across the base of the printer and this pad collects waste ink from head cleaning and cartridge priming etc. The printer is programmed to stop printing after a pre determined number of pages to prevent this pad from reaching saturation point and leaking which would have a liability for the manufacturer.

Because this pad is designed to last the average working life of a printer it is not designed to be user replaceable and requires a major printer strip to access. You do have the option of clearing the warning and to continue printing as long as you re aware of the small risk of ink leakage although i have not seen that happen on a c66.
Having the pads replaced unless done by yourself would not be cost effective given the age of the printer and it does require technical knowledge to do.

If you wish to clear the error you need to run a third party service program and reset the protection counter. You can download the utility from the link below but only reset the protection counter, nothing else.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the above.


I have a copy of this programme on disc but I don't understand how to use it

Colin Vincent :

assuming you have installed the program and select the correct printer (if you have nore than 1) then look for a printer icon on your taskbar near the time (bottom right of screen). If you click your right mouse button on it a list of options appears, one of which is "protection counters". Move your mouse pointer over the protection counters text and a sub menu will appear with a reset option. click on that with the left mouse button to send the reset to the printer. When it has sent it power off the printer and back on again and it should have cleared the error. Usually it does it first time but if not try a second time.


OK Thanks will try

Colin Vincent :

Ok, let me know if you get stuck

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