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Our Canon MX860 printer is not responding. What can I do?

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Our Canon MX 860 wireless printer has stopped being wireless. I went to the Canon website and got directions for using the Menu button to re-establish the wireless connection, but couldn't get that to work. We have two laptop computers that use this as a primary printer, and we could really use some help on this.

For that model printer, on the LCD screen of the printer if you go to menu -> settings -> device settings -> lan settings -> wlan settings

That is where you need to go to establish the wireless network connection from the printer to the router. If there is an easy setup wizard there, then choose that option. I think the only choices are using WPS or WCN. If your router has a WPS button on it, then you can select the WPS setup there and then push the button on your router to establish the connection. If your router does not support WPS, then try this alternate method to get the wireless setup.

The other method to setup wireless is to temporarily connect the printer to a laptop with a USB cable, then use the Canon LJ Network tool to configure the wireless settings. You may have the LJ network tool already on your laptop under start -> all programs -> canon LJ network utility. If you do not, you can download and install it from the canon website here.

Scroll down and select your operating system, then the tools is under the software section.

If your printer is connected with usb, when you open the tool it should see the printer and allow you to enter the wireless details by going to configuration -> wireless lan


An alternate method of establishing the network link, if your printer is located in close proximity to the router you can simply run an ethernet cable to connect the printer to the router. This is easier and more reliable, and the laptops can still print wirelessly through the network.

Let me know if you have any questions, or run into any problems trying to get the wireless connection re-established.

If you have not modified any settings yet and it worked before, you may simply try turning off the printer, unplugging the router and then plugging back in. Wait a minute and then turn the printer back on.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Well, the LCD screen on the printer won't get out of COPY mode, so can't get it to go to Device Settings, etc. (tried that before from the Canon website, but tried it again with your answer).
I do indeed already have the Canon LJ Network tool in my program list, but it doesn't work the way you said. There doesn't appear to be any place to "Scroll down and select your operating system, then the tools is under the software section" to find the Tools menu item. No operating system selection, no software section, no tools item. My LJ Network tool doesn't have all that. I tried downloading a newer one from the canon website, but couldn't seem to do that either. When I connected the laptop directly I was able to print, and even to get the Canon printer - first to show up in the list of printers & faxes (it didn't before), and then to show up as Online (at first it was offline) but I still can't print wirelessly. I also tried turning off the printer and then shutting down the router, then re-starting the router and then the printer. No good.
This printer worked fine until we temporarily lost our DSL service, then - after a lot of time with the Verizon technical people - got all the Windows XP computers to work with the internet, but not the Windows 7 computer, then got the Toshiba techrep to seize control of the Windows 7 laptop and update various drivers, etc., which did eventually get the Windows 7 computer back on the internet. It wasn't until we tried to print something on the wireless printer that we realized we had a problem with the printer. Any ideas?

However, in the meantime, I again tried to download a new LJ Network utility, and this time it worked - I ran the network utility for the printer when connected by USB cable, then re-started the computer when told to. The printer showed up in the Printers & Faxes window, but when I unplugged the USB cable it still showed up, but as offline. I got it to go back online, but when I attempted to print a test page it said the printer was not responding.
Still looking for an answer that works.

Now that you have connected the computer to the printer with a USB cable, you should be able to open the Canon LJ Network tool. Then click on configuration and then click on the wireless lan tab.

It should show the name of your network and the password in there. If not, push on the search button to find your wireless network and then click on the configuration button to enter the network password.

You need to get the printer connected to the network before you will be able to print wirelessly.

The menu button is located above and left of the up arrow key. Press this button, then use the left right arrows to select settings. Then use arrows again to select device settings, then lan settings, then print lan details. Let me know the link status and the IP address of the printer.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Okay - I finally got that little menu to get out of Copy mode and work, and got the Print Lan Details to happen. The Link Status is Inactive. The IP address is blank.
A further point: When I run the LJ Network Utility it says the SSID is BJNPSETUP. We have an unsecured network called Dave & Jo. When I did a Search I found and selected the Dave & Jo network, but the SSID stayed the same. I left the Get IP address automatically option selected. But somehow the printer is still not online.

Ok, I think you are close to getting this working. Interesting that you were able to select your wireless network and it didn't change the SSID.

Try this, open the canon network tool, then go to the settings menu across the top and choose maintenance. Then click on the initialize button. This will restore the factory default settings for the printer.

Then you can go back into the configuration, and click on select and choose your network again. If you are able to get it selected this time, then print out the lan details sheet again and let me know the printer IP address. Once you get it connected you should be able to add the printer to your computers, or it may start working if they already have the printer setup as a network printer.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Well, as you say, we're making progress. After I did the Initialize, and selected my network, it still showed BJNPSETUP, so I deleted that and manually wrote in Dave & Jo. That seemed to help - when I got a new LAN Details print it showed Link Status as Active, and IP address as But it still doesn't work in wireless mode. (One improvement (?) - when I do Print Test Page it now just goes off into cyberspace and doesn't do anything, but before I made that improvement it would say that the page failed to print.)

Ok, that sounds good. That IP address is what I would expect. Try clicking on this link, it should open a printer status page if the printer is connected to the wireless network.

The problem now is likely that the printer you have on the computer is trying to use the USB connection. Remove the USB cable if you have not already done so. Right click on the printer and choose printer properties (middle of the list in windows 7)

Then click on the ports tab. What is the name of the port with the checkbox? If it is USB0001, then you will need to re-install the printer so it uses the network connection, or you can click on new port -> standard tcp/ip port and create a new port using the IP address of the printer to create the port.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Still not quite there. We were indeed using the USB port, but after some messing around I set up a Standard TCP/IP port - I used IBM standard, or something like that, since I was working on my IBM laptop. I finished up with a port named IP_192.168.1.46, IP address of, Protocol LPR, LPR Settings Queue name PASS, community name public, SNMP Device Index 1. That looked okay, but it wouldn't print. When I tried to configure the port and click OK - I got an error "an error occurred in port configuration. Operation could not be completed."

Did you get the printer status page when clicking the link? The standard tcp/IP port should not be lpr, it should be raw protocol and port 9100. You may need to create another port, the port name doesn't matter, it can be anything just use the correct IP. If you have the setup CD, try just running the install or use the add printer wizard to setup the printer on network connection.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I tried installing the printer from the CD again - it doesn't show up in the Printers & Faxes window. I changed the standard TCP/IP port to RAW, and the port came out as 9100. It didn't give me an error when I saved the configuration. But it still doesn't print. I get "Printer Not Responding".
What next?

Sorry for the delay, any change in status?

The print drivers should be working correctly since it works when connected with a USB cable. You never did respond if you get to the printer status page when you click on

On the windows 7 laptop, try going to start -> devices and printers

Then click on add a printer -> add a network printer (2nd choice)

It should scan for your printer and allow you to install it. Does it find it?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I did get the printer status page with that link (sorry, I didn't try it before). It says device stats is available, link quality is 86%, signal strength is 78%. But when I try to print wirelessly I get a Printer Not Responding box. And this isn't from the Windows 7 printer, it's from the Windows XP printer. I thought I'd get this one working first before I tried the Windows 7 printer.
Still not printing.

Ok, that means your printer is connected to the network and you should be able to get it setup.

At this point, since it seems you have tried running the install several times and it is not succeeding, I would uninstall all the canon software and then re-install.

You can go to the control panel -> add/remove programs and remove all the canon software. Afterwards, reboot the computer and then try running the install again by going to the Canon website and select windows, and windows XP.

Then expand the drivers section and be sure to download the 2nd choice that is for networked printers. MP MX860 series MP driver for network.

mx860swinns102e2-2.exe is the file name. Download and run that file and it should get the printer working for you.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yay! It finally worked - after downloading the printer driver for Windows XP (once) and for Windows 7 (several times - until I finally got the 64-bit one to work - it all works. Anyway, after only a few days of back-and-forth messages and messing with the computers I did get the printer to print from both computers.