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MrComputer2010, Technician
Category: Printers
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Experience:  15+ Years Working with computers and printers
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I have a MG6120. Printer Error 6000. Printer error has occurred.

Customer Question

I have a MG6120. Printer Error 6000. Printer error has occurred. Turn off power then back on again. If problem persists, see manual. Cycling power does not work. The manual I have does not address errors. Please help.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  MrComputer2010 replied 5 years ago.

MrComputer2010 :

Hello and thank you for choosing

MrComputer2010 :

The 6000 error could mean a couple of different things.

MrComputer2010 :

first it could mean that there is a paperjam or obstruction in the printer. Please check to verify there is no obstruction or paper jam.

MrComputer2010 :
Paper feed error [6000]
MrComputer2010 :

Make sure paper is in the tray and nothing is blocking it.

MrComputer2010 :

Try running a thick piece of paper through the printer.

MrComputer2010 :

In that case, just switch off our device and wait for few seconds and then try again It will start working ...

If there is a paper jam, please try to remove the jam.

Please unplug all cables from the printer.
If you are able to lift the machine and gently shake it in the hope that bit of paper and dust come out.
Now have a look through and around the machine with a torch, can you see anything still in there?
What I sometimes do is fold a A4 piece of paper in half, now by hand can you push it through the machine, hopefully this may push any objects oout.
Once this is all done can you clean the rollers with a damp/dry cloth.

If you have all the proper steps to remove the paper jam, pieces of paper and any debris within side the printer. you have done all the cleaning steps as well, including an air can, generally this is a sensor issue, that has a tiny spec on a sensor or laser.

Alright if that did nothing that means there is a tiny piece or pieces of paper inside the unit on or by a sensor. Basically you can head to walmart and get a cheap canned air and spray it inside all over, you will be suprised how much stuff comes out. Open and/or lift everything that you can possible slide or remove to find any piece of paper at all. It's amazing how a lil piece of paper about the size of an inch could cause this hassle. Usually in these printers, stuff that you can more around or remove from the printer is labeled green.

If you still can't find a paper jam, it is possible that there is another problem causing it, such as a sensor gone bad at the same time.

If nothing is working I would advise to look up your warranty info as you may still have a warranty with Canon, I would and always advise people to contact the manufacturer directly to see if they still have a warranty. I know places like Canon and HP were either replacing or sending units out even if out of warranty or giving 50-75% off on services, repair, and new units. I would advise to do that, if they won't assist in helping I would advise to ditch the unit as it can be costly repairing out of pocket and head to walmart / bestbuy and get a new unit.

Glad I could be of assistance, god bless and happy holidays! If you need anymore help please ask, otherwise have a good night and god bless! Smile Please accept so I can be compensated for my time/work, also feedback and bonus' are highly appreciated!