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PH Photosmart Premium Printer C410 Printer wont print n black.

Resolved Question:

PH Photosmart Premium Printer C410 Printer won't print n black. Changed all cartridages, color prints but not black. What can I do.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Handy--Andy replied 5 years ago.
Hello my name is Andy
I will deal with your issue as best as I can.
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The most likely cause of this is the print head. (ie the Nozzle where the ink comes out)
This may solve your current issue:-

Most printers have a cleaning routine where you tell the printer to go through a cleaning cycle. This will be a program on your computer or a button on the printer itself. A number of these cleanings can take care of a clogged print head.

If not then please try the following:-

1 With the printer power on please open the cover and wait for the carriage to appear.
2 Unplug the printer from the mains and carefully slide the carriage to gain access to the print cartridges and remove them.
3 With a damp cloth or ear bud clean the print head. (isopropyl achohol with water works best)
4 Please also clean all the contacts on the cartridge and the cartridge slot.
5 Leave for 5 minutes and put the cartridges back in.
6 How are the print now?

If this doesn't work then you are looking at a faulty cartridge or print head.

All the best

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
didn't work, any other ideas
Expert:  Handy--Andy replied 5 years ago.
Definitely the print head.

If the cleaning doesn't work then a new print head will be required.

Think you have only 3 choices really

1 keep trying to clean the print head (try dropping 5-10 drops of isopropyl alcohol down in the ink-receptacle area)

2 new print head (about $30-£60)

3 new printer

Sorry probably not the answer your hoping for but the honest answer....

All the best

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